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This humble priest travels around Japan sealing dangerous bakemono with horiki! I am Shigure Aotsuki!

—Shigure Aotsuki, Chapter 27

Shigure Aotsuki (蒼月紫暮, Aotsuki Shigure) is the forty-seven-year-old father of Ushio Aotsuki, the protagonist of the Ushio and Tora series. He is married to Sumako Aotsuki but has been separated from her due to her duty of upholding Hakumen no Mono's barrier. He resides with his son in Fugen'in, a temple which belongs to the Aotsuki lineage.


Shigure appears much older than his actual age, with his shoulder-length hair fully turned white and having several wrinkles on his face. He originally had black hair when he was younger, like his son and ancestor.

At home, Shigure wears a wine-colored jinbei with matching pants that are cut above his ankles. His footwear is a pair of geta. While appearing outside in public, he wears a dark gray kimono with a dark purple and white hakama on top. His outdoor footwear is a pair of white tabi on his feet along with waraji.


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Sumako AotsukiEdit

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Ushio AotsukiEdit

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Mikado HizakiEdit

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