Shugawari no Kiseki no Shinwa (週替わりの奇跡の神話, lit. The Legend of Weekly Miracles) is the second and final opening theme of the anime Ushio and Tora, performed by Kinniku Shojo Tai (also known as KING-SHOW). The song's lyrics are by Kenji Ohtsuki.

Opening AnimationEdit

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Regular EditionEdit

1. Shugawari No Kiseki No Shinwa
2. Mazeruna Kiken '15 (Live Version)
3. Nihon Indoka Keikaku '15 (Live Version)
4. Shugawari No Kiseki No Shinwa (TV Mix Version)
5. Shugawari No Kiseki No Shinwa (TV Mix Version) [Original Karaoke]
6. Shugawari No Kiseki No Shinwa (Instrumental)

Limited EditionEdit

The limited edition comes with the same tracks as the regular edition on Disc 1, as well as a bonus DVD with live footage (11 live tracks) taken from the concert held on December 23, 2015 at LIQUIDROOM. The DVD disc is encoded for region 2 (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and no subtitles are included.

1. Iwan no Baka (イワンのばか)
2. Kotou no Oni (孤島の鬼)
3. Odoru Dame Ningen (踊るダメ人間)
4. Shinjin Band no Theme (新人バンドのテーマ)
5. Fuyu no Fuurin (冬の風鈴)
6. Hokkyokusei no Futari -Uchida no Rabusongu- (北極星の二人 ~内田のラブソング~)
7. Kaneshon Riinkaneshon (カーネーション・リインカネーション)
8. Shaka (釈迦)
9. Ji San Ha Ii Anbai (じーさんはいい塩梅)
10. Nippon no Bay (日本の米)
11. San Francisco (サンフランシスコ)


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